Antoine Guide

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 

I have been studying in France, Spain, New Zealand, and Switzerland. 2 Master degrees after and a position in Marketing, I felt just not right. I jumped on an adventure with 2 other friends and drove 12 000 km on the Silk Road during a year.

Back to the work world, I have been 2 years as a Cooperation Officer for Media Development and Transparency in D. R. Congo - at the French Embassy of Kinshasa, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In Congo, I also worked as a consultant for development projects for different Agencies and Cooperations, before flying for 4 years in Cambodia. I have been a Country Director for a French NGO and managed during 2 years local and international teams around water supply and Community Development projects. Later on, I created my own Communication and Video Agency, and for 2 years, designed projects for big companies in South East Asia.

Today, through this panel of experiences in different territories, I choose to work as an expert in Digital Communication and Video making, to tell and share stories to make tomorrows mindful.